Meet the Demand for Fixed-Rate Loans Without Increasing Your Interest Rate Risk

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Meet the demand for fixed-rate loans without increasing your interest rate risk RateManager equips you with a turn-key borrower- facing swap program, enabling you to generate fee income while offering your borrowers a competitive long-term fixed-rate financing package without adversely impacting the bank's interest rate risk profile. It is a comprehensive, scalable, white-label borrower swap solution that is straight forward to implement and cost-effective to operate regardless of the transaction volume. Chatham serves as your strategic partner, providing the necessary technology, advisory and process infrastructure to ensure that your program starts out and continues to be successful. • Guided program implementation • Sales training and support • Online derivatives pricing tools • Transaction management • ISDA negotiation and management • Payment notices and valuation reports • FAS 157/ASC 820 compliant valuation RateManager is built on ChathamDirect— Chatham's holistic, financial risk management technology platform. Built to address the needs of our own practitioners, it provides powerful risk management solutions that can accommodate high transaction volumes and all facets of derivatives accounting. RateManager is a reliable, cost-effective interest rate hedging solution that is being continuously developed and supported by Chatham to ensure your borrower swap program complies with changing regulations. In an ultra-competitive banking environment, RateManager brings capital markets capabilities to regional and community financial institutions, leveling the playing field with larger banks. No significant up-front investment is required for technology or people. And, in addition to meeting borrower demand for a longer-dated, fixed-rate solution RateManager provides banks with a new source of fee income. Intelligent Solutions for Risk Management RateManager

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