Libor Transition Expected to Accelerate in 2020

January 27, 2020 Matt Hoffman

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Matt Hoffman discusses how clearinghouse actions will be key in the move to SOFR. The expectation is that the clearinghouses' switching to SOFR will prompt financial institutions to hedge their exposures to those transactions. That should generate SOFR swap volume that will fill out data that can be used to generate the long end of a SOFR forward curve.

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About the Author

Matt Hoffman

Matt Hoffman is a Director with Chatham Financial, where his experience has included strategic structuring and execution of derivatives transactions, primarily specializing in global derivatives regulation, for a broad base of real estate, private equity, and corporate clients. He currently serves Chatham's global real estate clients and industry partners in a relationship management capacity. Matt also advocates on behalf of end users in educating policymakers, trade associations, and other key stakeholders regarding various domestic policy and economic issues affecting debt and derivatives markets, including as related to the Dodd-Frank Act, EMIR, and the transition from LIBOR to SOFR.

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