ChathamDirect - February 2019

As part of our ongoing efforts to deliver the most advanced treasury risk management system in the marketplace, ChathamDirect is pleased to introduce the latest enhancements to our platform.

"Users will see significant improvements to the way they integrate data with our system, analyze exposures, and experience our platform," said Stephen Barr, product manager for ChathamDirect. "Working closely with clients to understand both their strategic objectives and day-to-day processes, we've made numerous key advances that further streamline treasury workflows and provide even greater insight." 

ERP data integration

We completed the first phase of our SAP S4/HANA data integration capabilities. Users can now pull data directly from S4/HANA into the ChathamDirect balance sheet model. 

We also fine-tuned the way data enters our system. When users send multiple rows with the same data qualifiers (entity, currency, type, subtype, and balance date) the system will now aggregate those rows and load a single record that sums the data. This addresses feedback that users prefer ChathamDirect to aggregate the data rather than handling this through the export process.

The bottom line: Users will enjoy continued rapid enhancements to our ERP data mapping tools.

Trade loading and platform integration

Users will enjoy performance improvements to both the interest rate and FX transaction loaders.  Our new commodity transaction loader now supports weekly resets for all commodity products.  Additionally, ChathamDirect can now send FX spots, forwards and swaps directly to Bloomberg, FXall and 360T.  

The FX Transactions page—where the transaction loader files, trade integration files, and manual web loading of trades occurs—will now display seven days of transactions rather than the 30 days previously shown. Clients can select which seven days appear.  This change will enable users to view more data than previously displayed and significantly improve load times. 

The bottom line: Users will continue to see tighter integration and improved performance.

Exposure filtering

Users can now filter exposures and trades by exposure subtype in both our balance sheet and cash flow modules. This means ChathamDirect can enable a more granular analysis, so users can better understand their current exposures and how they’ve evolved over time. 

The bottom line: Users can more easily pinpoint changes to their exposures and identify outliers to ensure a more complete, accurate and timely set of exposures before making hedging decisions.

Improved user experience

We’ve worked behind the scenes to improve speed, security and stability. Users may notice an improved experience in processing trades from external platforms like Bloomberg, FXall and 360T. We also enhanced the CFaR optimal hedging order tool for balance sheet for faster loading speeds and improved performance. Additionally, we improved the user experience loading trades through both the Excel loaders and the API, and we've streamlined our handling of accounting policies and strategies when trades are loaded. 

The bottom line: Users will enjoy improved speed, security and stability throughout our platform. 

Coming soon!

Stay tuned for some new developments, including a new FX dashboard, improved exposure analytics, and downstream integration with general ledger systems. 

"Our clients are at the center of everything we do at Chatham and that extends to our technology," said Joe Siu, managing director of ChathamDirect. "We are wholly committed to continually enhancing our platform and delivering the insights users need to execute the best strategies." 


ChathamDirect is a groundbreaking Treasury Risk Management and hedge accounting platform that supports foreign exchange, interest rate and commodity hedging programs. ChathamDirect provides a clear view of your entire hedging program, including cash flow forecasts, balance sheet exposures and hedge requests—all securely available on a leading SaaS platform. ChathamDirect is backed by Chatham Financial, an employee-owned, independent market leader with a global team of capital markets experts, risk management advisors, CPAs, lawyers, quantitative analysts and technology developers who serve more than 2,500 clients annually.


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